I do commissions! If you like my work and you have a specific space in mind, at home or at the office, commissioning me to create a custom painting for you can be the perfect solution.


What to do

  • Decide on the size and orientation you want. I can do any size currently on my Paintings page, in either landscape or portrait, and many other sizes and orientations on request. This includes square paintings and single- or multi-panel panorama paintings.

  • Discuss with me the broad outline of the colours you would like. This could take the form of, for example, saying you'd like:

    • "pastel colours"

    • "something with blue in it"

    • "colours similar to [one of my other paintings]"

    • I’ll leave it with you!

After we discuss the broad outline, however, the colours and composition of the painting will be up to my discretion (with no changes available) - you have to trust me!

  • Normally my commissions are unframed, however depending on the size I can arrange framing at an additional cost.


Pricing and timeframes

  • For most standard sizes the price will be a commission fee of $300 plus whatever the price of that size painting would normally be.

  • Shipping is around $55-150 within Australia, depending on the size. Quote will be provided for international shipping.

  • I take a 50% non-refundable deposit upon commencement of work and the balance upon completion.

  • Commissions normally take around four weeks, but please contact me to discuss and confirm my availability as I complete commissions in the order in which I receive them. If a custom canvas is required to be made, this takes additional time.


So if you're interested, drop me a line at or use my other contact options!

Susie x


Previous commissions

For a selection of my previous commissions, scroll to the bottom of my Paintings page.