My painting practice!

I'm an Australian artist creating bold work that's both playful and sophisticated.

I combine my love of geometric abstraction, minimalism and colour to create work that will both energise and calm a space.

My art heroes include Frida Kahlo, Matisse, Andy Warhol and David Hockney but of all I love Frida the most. Hailing from the country - Albury - I'm naturally drawn to nature and I particularly love birds and flowers and the colours and patterns in them. I also love the natural curiosity of children and their sense of freedom and innocence. All of this I unconsciously channel into my work.

Through my practice I wish to explore the impact that colour and form can create and I particularly seek to spark joy in the viewer. My main drive is to create immersive and harmonious pieces that convey a sense of freedom and give pleasure.

Susie x


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After a one-off, signature piece that will transform and enliven your space? Feel free to browse my paintings below, or please contact me at for commissions or any questions.

Walking on a Dream
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