I started Drunk on Water in 2013 as I felt there were too many glum artworks around and that Melbourne was getting too monochrome. I've loved colour and shapes from a very young age (started my fixation when I was about 2 in my cot drawing on the walls) and so I guess I was born to express myself visually! I love the way colour (and form) can make you feel and my designs have both an energising and a calming effect which I love. It's powerful what you live with on a day-to-day basis and my artworks will instantly happify any space.

I'm inspired by nature and the vibrant colours as found in birds and flowers. I channel their natural beauty into my abstract and geometric inspired designs. I also love pop art and Andy Warhol and channel my love of him in some of my designs.

I like to think my designs are playful and hopeful and am always honoured when I receive positive feedback from people who are loving living with my works in their homes (be it cushions or prints). Drunk on Water is based on a philosophy of extracting as much as possible out of life and not over-complicating things. My designs are all about that - spreading happiness through elegant and beautiful designs.

Susie x


Thank you

Thank you to Peter Bongiorno for the beautiful images of my prints and cushions.